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Woven bags have certain losses in all aspects of production. Only when we understand these losses can we study the scientific methods to improve them. The consumption of plastic woven bags is small. It is usually due to the small consumption of wool and float when the ribbon machine changes the type of brown and button. Once the professional active production equipment is used, it will be broken If the machine stops in case of silk or malfunction, there will be unavoidable time difference, which will affect the quality of woven fabrics, belts and other substrates. Therefore, when cutting, it is necessary to remove the substrates with inferior quality, which will cause consumption. 

In the production of woven bags, there are other different losses in the process of woven bags. We only need to constantly solve the loss problem, in order to provide more preferential woven bags for the majority of consumers. 

If the melt resin film is sandwiched between the woven fabric and paper or plastic film, and then cooled to obtain three in one woven fabric coating, the flat fabric can be coated on one side to obtain sheet cloth, and the cylinder cloth can be coated on both sides to obtain coated cylinder cloth. 

Woven polypropylene bags around construction sites are also helpful, either as a means of building materials storage, as a tool in the debris collection process to clean up the site, packaging bags polypropylene fabric can also be used in creating other textiles around the home, polypropylene woven bags, one of the common uses is to create different types of packaging bags made of this material To help protect the contents of the packaging during transportation. 

Three points to distinguish the quality of woven bags. 

1: For many people, when choosing products, they do not pay attention to the choice of manufacturers. This is not correct. It is important for manufacturers to choose fertilizer bag products. If the manufacturers are not very reliable, the products they choose may not be so satisfactory. 

2: When choosing this kind of product, we should pay attention to the quality of printing. What I know about container bags is that a good packaging often gives people a very delicate feeling. When consumers buy chemical fertilizer, they first look at the packaging of the product. If the packaging is very simple, it may be difficult to get the recognition of consumers, so this is a problem worthy of attention. 

3: It is necessary to pay attention to the firmness of the product. Generally speaking, the weight of chemical fertilizer is heavy. If the chemical fertilizer bag made of ordinary material may not be very strong, and it is easy to be damaged in the process of use, such a product is unavoidably unable to obtain the recognition of consumers, then it is worth the attention of purchasers.

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